Dog Hotel


Catiri 14, Oranjestad, Aruba

(297) 592 3747

Where your dog is the King

Dog Hotel Aruba is where dogs rule. We have multiple play areas that allow your dog to run! Our Pack Leaders keep it fun and safe for all: big, small and all sizes in-between.


Our Daycare facilities are specifically designed to give your dog the total daycare experience it needs and deserves, in the surroundings and care we provide. We believe that all dogs want only to enjoy two emotions, Play and Calmness. Our goal is to provide and focus on these two emotional needs while your dog is in our care both mentally and physically. Your dog will be cared for in small groups and will be with the same staff at all times.

We have:
  • A 800 m2 playing field.
  • Purpose built Daycare building with calming rooms for your dog to enjoy rest, sleep and enjoy cuddling time.
  • Adventure field where your dog can search and sniff out hidden toys and treats. Jump over and on safe obstacles and enjoy using his nose.

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